Sports Performance

sportsperformanceThere is a long history of hypnosis in sport, showing how athletic performance can be increased dramatically in many areas; for instance, style correction and an increase in endurance, speed and strength enhancement are all possible. Many champions use some form of self hypnosis, whether it is visualisation or affirmation, and many more seek the help of a professional hypnotist to assist in their mental training. Sport Hypnotherapy differs from Sport Psychology in that the practitioners work directly with the subconscious part of the brain, the part that controls behaviours, so change with hypnosis is often very rapid.

Sport hypnotherapy can:

  • Dramatically increase endurance
  • Remove hesitations
  • Improve performance
  • Alleviate pre-competition nerves
  • Programme sports success
  • Help the athlete lose or gain weight
  • Remove the emotion of a "fluffed" shot
  • Focus attention
  • Develop mental stamina
  • Improve your sports style
  • Increase motivation

Take golf for instance. Phil is not a golf coach (or even a player!), but with only 4 x one hour psychotherapy sessions and one accompanied round of golf, at a cost of only £400, a combination of hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you with your golf game. Experience in the USA, where this technique originated, shows that 65% of those who commit to this type of programme can drop up to 4 shots from their card. Contact him to see how he can help you with your game.



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Emotional Issues

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Sports Performance

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